Do the FOXX Power-Glows require charging when the product arrives?

  • Yes. It is recommended for you to charge the FOXX Power-Glow once it arrives for maximum usage.


What device can be charged using the FOXX Power-Glow range?

  • The FOXX Power-Glows can charge all devices as long as the charger has a USB port on the charging wire


What’s the power of the powerbank for each Power-Glow Product?

  • Please refer to the specifications of each Power-Glow Product. Or refer to the user manuals of the product


Can I use the remote control (FOXX Power-Glow IR) on more than one Power-Glow at a time?

  • You can use the remote control on more than one IR at a time. However, they need to be in close proximity to each other in order to control both of them at the same time.  


What does the IP68 certification mean?

  • Having an IP68 certification means the product can withstand being submerged in water up to two metres deep for half an hour.


Is my Power-Glow device waterproof when I am using the USB charging function?

  • Your Power-Glow device is not IP68 waterproof when using the charging function. It is however splash proof.


How do I change which light setting I want?

  • Press the green button on the top of the Power-Glow. You can also use the remote control on the Power-Glow IR


How do I know how much charge my Power-Glow light has?

  • The charging idictors on the light glow after the light is switched off. 4 blue lights is full charge, 3 blue lights is charged, 2 blue lights is half charged and 1 blue light means the Power-Glow requires charging


Will my Power-Glow stop working if it gets too hot or too cold?

  • The using environment of the FOXX Power-Glow range is between 0 and 40 degrees centigrade


How heavy are the Power-Glow lights?

  • FOXX Power-Glow Plus: 350g

  • FOXX Power-Glow IR: 210g

  • FOXX Power-Glow Mini: 180g


Does my Power-Glow battery life decrease when I use the USB charging feature?

  • Yes, the Power-Glow battery life will decrease at a faster rate whilst using the Power bank function


What’s included in my Power-Glow box?

  • FOXX Power-Glow Light

  • Felt carry bag

  • 2 Lanyards

  • 2 magnetic clips (IR and Plus)

  • Micro USB charger


Can I charge my Power-Glow up and charge a device up at the same time?


Will my Power-Glow break if I drop it?

  • The Power-Glows are designed to be rugged and can surveyed


How long will my Power-Glow light last?

  • The Power-Glow’s battery can last up to 36,000 hours


How do I clean my Power-Glow without losing any functionality?

  • Use a soft cloth and wipe the Power-Glow Gently. Do not use any liquid if the micro USB port


Can I have the light on whilst charging my phone?

  • Yes the light will be able to switch on whilst charging a device. However, it can only be on the lowest light function.

Can a single FOXX Project accessory connect to more than one Z-Wave hub? 

No. Your FOXX Project accessory can only be connected to one Z-Wave hub at a time. 


If I reset my Z-Wave hub will I have to set-up my FOXX Project Z-Wave accessory again? 

No as long as the WiFi network is same the FOXX Project Z-Wave accessories should appear. 


How many FOXX Project Z-Wave accessories can I set-up on my hub? 

Please refer to the manual of your Z-Wave hub to see the limit of Z-Wave accessories that it can support. 

Smart Switch FAQs

If I unplug my FOXX Project smart switch and plug-in to a different socket will I need to set it up again?

No it will automatically connect, as long at the Z-Wave hub and WiFi network is the same. 


Can I plug a socket extension or multi-plug block into the FOXX Project smart switch?

Yes. PLEASE NOTE: If the extension sockets do not have individual power switches,

the app will control power to all devices plugged in.


Do I get a notification if my FOXX Project smart switch stops working?



Why can I not turn on/off my device plugged into the FOXX Project Smart Switch? 

Do check that the wall socket/mains switch is on. If off this will restrict your remote control. Also check whether your Z-Wave hub is connected. And then check your WiFi is working. 


My mobile phone has died, but I need to turn off my FOXX Project Smart Switch, how do I do this? 

If possible we advise that you install the Z-Wave hub app onto another mobile device and then log into your Z-Wave hub.


If I plug my FOXX Project smart switch into a extension socket will work?

Yes, but please check if the individual sockets have a power switch. If they do this needs to be switched on for you to have remote control.

Range Extender FAQs

Can I have multiple Foxx Project range extenders set-up? 

Yes you can. But do refer to the manual of your Z-Wave hub to see the limit of Z-Wave accessories that it can support.

Door/Window Sensor FAQs

Does the FOXX Project door/window sensor tell me if the battery level is low? 

There are compatible hubs that do report the battery level, please check your Z-

Wave Hub user manual.


How do I know which door or window in my home/office has been opened?  

When setting up your FOXX Project Z-Wave accessory you should always name

appropriately. We highly recommend that you rename devices to eliminate this problem occurring again.


Can I have multiple FOXX Project door/window sensors set-up?  

Yes you can. But do refer to the manual of your Z-Wave hub to see the limit of Z-Wave accessories that it can support.


I have swing and slide doors in my home/office does the FOXX Project door/window sensor work with this type of door?  

Yes. But do make sure that your swing does are flush so that the sensors align correctly. Also be careful of the placement if fixing to a slide door, as the sensor may restrict the door fully sliding open.

Water Sensor FAQs

Does the FOXX Project water sensor measure or detect the temperature of water?

No the sensor can only detect the absence or presence of water.


How do I know if the batteries in the FOXX Project water sensor are still working?

We recommend you check you water sensor on a regular basis, usually every 6 months, by simply putting the sensor into water. We also suggest you change your batteries after 2 years.